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Say goodbye to failed campaign frustrations, and say hello to huge sales, with massive ROI. TeeSteal guarantees 100% campaign success rate, as it auto-generates winning designs for you, inspired by already proven campaigns found across the webosphere.


Crowdfunded apparel is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why are other sellers selfishly not sharing their designs with you? With TeeSteal, those designs are yours for the taking. Stop playing design guessing games, and start making big money!


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• Identifies best-selling designs across the interwebs, even when sales figures are completely hidden.


• Automatically screen grabs designs, and traces them into vector files.


• Removes one pixel of replicated designs, to ensure exemption from 1:1 copy claims.


• Uploads designs to your platform of choice, auto-creates campaigns, and generates social media ads.


• Analyzes exact targeted interests used by design originator, and determines superior targeting.


• Guaranteed Facebook ad approval within 30 seconds, no matter what the ad content is.



• Includes everything in our Conniving Copycat plan, PLUS:


• Automatic “Verified Charity” set-up. Market designs that appear to be for charitable causes, where in reality you’re keeping every penny.


• Pre-emptive campaign cloaking, that detects when a lawyer is attempting to view your campaign, and serves them a blank screen or redirect.


• One-on-one daily psychological coaching, to ensure you use the term “inspired by” as loosely as possible.


• Mobile app, built with our patented anti-integrity technology. Carry TeeSteal right in your pocket (next to your wads of cash).




• Includes everything in our Conniving Copycat and Ripoff Rampage plans, PLUS:


• Direct access to your competitors hard drives. Get your hands on their work-in-progress designs before they even have a chance to launch them.


• Facebook ad account hijacking engine. Use your competitors’ pages to market your campaigns.


• Revisionist, retroactive ownership of your competitors’ designs.


• Competitor Bank Account Withdrawal (CBAW). Tap into and funnel their hard earned profits right from their bank account into yours...since you were going to steal their designs anyway, go directly to the end result!




TeeSteal made this guy rich in the t-shirt business!

"Can you say 'game changer'? Forget those other tools, TeeSteal is the only way to go. I now rake in seven digits a month, and regularly post screenshots of my dashboard profits in online selling forums, to brag about how awesome I am. By the way, I’m writing this from one of my island vacation homes. Thanks TeeSteal!"


- Anonymous Global Top 10 Validation Seeking Mega Seller

TeeSteal made this guy rich in the t-shirt business!

"TeeSteal is the real deal. See how I made that rhyme? I didn’t even have to come up with that on my own, it’s TeeSteal generated, inspired by other stuff on the internet."


- Founder, “Selling Out Fast!” T-Shirts

TeeSteal made this guy rich in the t-shirt business!

"I was already a powerful, ahem, FORCE in the t-shirt industry, marketing shirts with…let’s call them 'space guys' on them. They weren’t IP infringing designs, they were just simply inspired by some obscure movies. But TeeSteal took my business to the next level, and I now have direct access to hard drives at Disney and Lucasfilm!"


- Mel Inium Falcone, Entrepreneur


What happens if I find someone has copied my copied designs?


Shhhh, try not to use the “c” word! They were inspired by your inspired by designs. Got it? But we assure you, all TeeSteal generated designs are impossible to replicate. How that is, we can’t reveal. Just trust us. It’s propriety technology.



Someone left a negative comment under one of my campaign posts. How can TeeSteal help me?


Not only will TeeSteal auto-hide their comment, it’ll make the commenting perpetrator pay for their audacity. $22.95 will be automatically taken from their bank account, and go right into yours. (And of course, the “order” will in no way be fulfilled.)



I’ve found a 2nd Amendment shirt that I really like. It has guns, and skulls, and implies I can’t wait to shoot someone. Can TeeSteal create me a design inspired by this?


Of course! TeeSteal can generate designs, based on any niche or political point of view. And our new Militant Madness Design Suite (MMDS) will improve the design, adding an array of extra skulls and bullets. It even can customize each shirt to the tastes of the individual customer, with their weapon of choice, and specific politician target. Bang!



I’m concerned about print quality, that the customer receives a shirt that closely resembles what they see on-screen. How can TeeSteal help me with this?


Why would it matter? Once you have your money, the actual physical delivered product is irrelevant. And as a reminder, TeeSteal is a t-shirt research tool, not a t-shirt printer.



I want to sell Batman and Deadpool t-shirts, but then I read somewhere that if I don't have permission from DC or Marvel, it's a legal issue. It's called "intellectual property," or "copyright infringement," or something. Can TeeSteal make me forget I ever read that?


No problem! With TeeSteal you're free and clear to put any character on a t-shirt, and our psychological coaching -- included in our middle and top tier plans -- will assure any such legal jargon evaporates right out of your brain. You can then refocus that energy on marketing.



I saw a competitor’s page named something like, “I Love My Wonderful Grandchildren Club”. Can TeeSteal make a page for me just like it?


Yes, but it makes absolutely no sense. What does that even mean? Is there like, a club where all these old bags gather around, and have weekly meetings where they discuss their grandchildren? However, we do recognize that there is considerable money in the grandchildren niche, and we’ve got you covered in this brat worshiping category.



I’d like to be an active voice in online t-shirt selling forums, however want to conceal my competitive advantage in using TeeSteal. Is my TeeSteal membership status private and protected?


Yes, you’re fully protected! Your membership is between you and TeeSteal, and no one else. We assure you, that your use of TeeSteal won’t be detected by any other forum members, or staff at the various crowdfunded apparel platforms. We’ll even generate constructive ideas and tutorials for you to post as if you wrote them, to nullify any (unlikely) suspicion.




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